About the Program

The SPELL-Links Certified Provider Program is a multi-phased process that equips you with an in-depth understanding of the speech-to-print, multi-linguistic, and meta-linguistic framework and research basis of the SPELL-Links assessment (SPELL-3) and the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum and related instructional materials.

The SPELL-Links Certified Provider Program also provides you with the clinical training and experience that will enable you to implement the SPELL-Links assessment and the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum with fidelity. After successfully completing the process, you will receive a variety of support tools to use in highlighting your certification and to promote your practice.

How to Become a SPELL-Links Certified Provider

The journey to becoming a SPELL-Links™ Certified Provider is rigorous—yet rewarding. To maximize your opportunity for success and maintain the high standards of this program, not every applicant will be invited to join. Those who are chosen as candidates for the SPELL-Links Certified Provider program are those who we believe have the credentials and aptitude to succeed and bring value to students as a SPELL-Links Certified Provider. 

How to Apply:

1. Submit a letter of application along with your resume/CV to jennifer@learningbydesign.com.
2. Pay non-refundable application fee of $75 here
3. Interview with a member of our team.

Upon acceptance into the program, you will begin a multi-phased education process with an evaluation at the end of each phase. At each evaluation point (“Check-in”), you and your mentor will review your progress and together decide if it is mutually beneficial for you to continue to the next stage in the program.

Education and Evaluation Phases:

  • Phase 1
    • Watch Webinars
    • Complete a Phonological Awareness Check
    • Check-in with your mentor
  • Phase 2:
    • Attend a Hands-on Workshop
    • Complete SPELL-Links Simucase
    • Apply to Phase 3 (Video application and Written Self-Critique)
    • Check-in with your mentor
  • Phase 3
    • Complete Practicum and Mentoring
    • Post on SPELL-Link’d
    • Submit a written reflection
    • Purchase all required SPELL-Links materials by end of Phase 3

Congratulations! Upon reaching this step, you will be among a select group of highly-qualified individuals who have developed the expertise to use SPELL-Links products and current best practices to maximize your students’ achievement.

SPELL-Links Certified Providers enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Ongoing recognition as a SPELL-Links Certified Provider with a listing on the Learning By Design, Inc. website that includes a link to your website or email address
  • Promotion of you and / or your company’s services by Learning By Design through our website and other marketing venues and media
  • New client referrals when Learning By Design receives inquiries and requests for in-person services in your local geographical area and tele-practice services in states where you are licensed
  • Increased visibility with consumers and professionals as your and / or your company’s name is associated with SPELL-Links / Learning By Design
  • License to use the SPELL-Links trademarks to promote your and / or your company’s services. Use of our trademarks is subject to review and approval by Learning By Design. You may not use our trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property without written approval from us.
  • Opportunities to work, on a paid contract / sub-contract basis, as a representative of Learning By Design at trade shows, conferences, and vendor fairs and to deliver SPELL-Links professional development and SPELL-Links tele-practice services
  • Discounts on purchase of SPELL-Links products
  • Discounts on registration for SPELL-Links Professional Development webinars (for all recorded webinars and when extra seats are available at live webinars)
  • Discounts on SPELL-Links public workshops subject to space availability
  • Administration fees waived for professional development credits for all related training