SPELL-Links™ Certified Centers

The language and literacy experts at SPELL-Links Certified Centers specialize in comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment of language-based learning problems, including dyslexia and dysgraphia. They can administer appropriate testing, work effectively with your child, and evaluate and communicate reading, writing, and spelling progress results directly with you.

SPELL-Links™ Certified Providers

All of our SPELL-Links Certified Providers are highly-qualified professionals in their respective disciplines. You’ll notice that many of our SPELL-Links Certifed Providers are certified and licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs). Our SLP certified providers additionally have the extensive academic expertise, clinical training, and licensing that makes them uniquely qualified to ensure that your child receives an in-depth assessment and multi-faceted instruction of both written and spoken language skills – the skills needed to become a successful reader, writer, and speller.

Because of national certification and state licensing requirements, SLPs are the only professionals who are qualified to assess and treat the spoken language challenges that often co-exist for many children with reading, writing, and spelling problems.

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