We are very excited to announce that SPELL-Links was approved by Colorado DOE as Supplemental Instructional Program. SPELL-Links was also approved by the Colorado DOE as an Intervention Program.

Colorado has led the way in advancing evidence-based reading instruction in its schools. We’re very proud to be on the Colorado READ Act’s Advisory List for Instructional Programming!
SPELL-Links was carefully reviewed through a multi-step rigorous vetting process and determined to meet the criteria of evidence-based instructional programming as defined by the Colorado READ Act.

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act) was passed by the Colorado legislature in 2012, giving the state the guiding philosophy, structure and resources to get children reading at grade level by the time they enter the fourth grade.

The READ Act focuses on early literacy development for all students and especially for students at risk to not read at grade level by the end of the third grade. Students are tested for reading skills, and those who are not reading at grade level are given individual READ plans.