Meet Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards expect your students to perform with higher levels of cognition and application in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

SPELL-Links allows students to talk and think about the linguistic properties of words, gain cognitive flexibility with multiple linguistic strategies for spelling and decoding, and practice and self-evaluate their application of word study knowledge and skills in realistic, active, and social settings. SPELL-Links helps you ensure that your students have the core skills, linguistic understandings, and strategies needed for literacy and academic success.

Thorough, Effective Spelling Word Study Curriculum

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing delivers all components of assessment and instruction identified by the U.S. Dept. of Education Center on Instruction as crucial for developing reading and writing skills in every student.

State Approval

Colorado Department of Education
Advisory List of Instructional Programming and Professional Development

If you are aware of similar lists or processes for inclusion in other states, let us know!

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing meets all CCSS Reading K–5 Foundational Skills.

Alignment to CCSS Reading
K–5 Foundational Skills

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing meets CCSS Reading K–5 Informational Text standards, Reading K–5 Literature standards, and Speaking and Listening K–5 standards.

Alignment to CCSS Reading K–5, Literature and Informational Text Standards; Speaking and Listening

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing meets CCSS Language K–5 standards.

Alignment to CCSS Language
K–5 Standards

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing meets CCSS Language, Speaking, and Listening 6–12 standards.

Alignment with CCSS Language, Speaking, and Listening 6–12 Standards

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