​​SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing in the Cloud

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Reading & Writing Materials Library
Your SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Companion Cloud includes an online collection of pattern-loaded reading and writing materials correlated with each SPELL-Links lesson.

  • Improve authentic writing performance
  • Improve authentic reading performance
  • Extend writing and reading practice at home

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing

Username: LBDLNX2
Password: located on the inside front cover or on page xiv of Volume 1. 

Interventionist Materials
Each SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing purchase includes access to our online library of resources corresponding to the SPELL-Links curriculum.

  • Teacher and student checklists
  • Instructional planning materials
  • Student activity worksheets
  • Activity word cards
  • Mastery measurements
  • Progress charts
  • Home Link activities
  • Word Study Journal pages

​​​SPELL-Links Strategies By the Numbers In the Cloud

Reproducible Student Materials Engage students in practicing each of the SPELL-Links 14 strategies to accurately spell and correctly read and comprehend unfamiliar words. Each purchase of SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers includes access to reproducible practice pages for the 14 strategies for reading and spelling. The graphics at the top of each practice page correspond to the step-by-step illustrations for each strategy featured inside the spiral-bound SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers instructional guide.

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers
Username: LBDBTN
Password: Located on the inside front cover or Table of Contents page

SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms in the Cloud

Classroom Teacher Materials
Eliminate the need to transport materials across settings. Every purchase of SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms also includes access to an online library of resources that correspond to the purchased curriculum. 

  • Lesson planning/scheduling worksheet
  • Activity worksheets
  • Activity support materials
  • Student performance tracking sheets
  • Home Link activities
  • Word Study
  • Journal pages
  • Class Links notebooks pages

SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms Book 1 or 2

Username (Book 1): LBDCB1
Username (Book 2): LBDCB2
Password: located on the Table of Contents page.

Reading Library
Your SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms Companion Cloud includes an online library of decodable, sequenced, pattern-loaded books that are correlated to each lesson.

  • Practice targeted decoding patterns
  • Improve reading fluency
  • Develop oral language skills
  • Support writing activities
  • Extend reading practice at home

SPELL-Links Reading Library in the Cloud

Reproducible Reading Library
Access a virtual library of reproducible, decodable, and pattern-loaded reading materials correlated with all lessons in SPELL-Links Class Links for Classrooms, both Book 1 and  Book 2, and early lessons* of SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing.

*Lessons 1–7, 12–16, 20–24, and 40.

SPELL-Links Reading Library in the Cloud

Username: LNXLIB
Password: Located on your receipt

SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Gallery in the Cloud

Classroom Sound Wall Materials
Access a complete set of printable 8.25 x 5.5 keyword pictures representing each of the English phonemes to create your very own sound wall.

SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Gallery in the Cloud

Username: LNXKWPG
Password: Located on your receipt

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