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Yes. SPELL-Links is a structured literacy word study program. “Structured Literacy Program” is a term coined by the International Dyslexia Association and refers to programs that meet certain criteria, all of which SPELL-Links meets.

SPELLTalk is a free listserv discussion group for researchers, educators, and other professionals dedicated to improving literacy through discussion of research and evidence-based best practices. 

SPELL-Link’d is a subscription-based professional learning community where passionate professionals who use SPELL-Links products and all speech-to-print structured literacy enthusiasts come together to share stories, exchange ideas, ask questions, and see SPELL-Links in action. Read postings and participate in discussions that are most interesting and relevant to you. Access premium content that will advance and empower you as you lead the way, make a difference, and experience the reward of using SPELL-Links’ speech-to-print structured literacy instruction.

SPELL-2 does not run on current Mac OS but you can use the workarounds below to install and run SPELL-2 on a Mac. New options are constantly emerging due to rapidly evolving technology. Please contact your local Apple store or Mac Dealer to inquire about best solutions for running PC-based software on your Mac.

  • One OS at a time
    Boot Camp helps you install Microsoft Windows on your Intel-based Mac. Restart your Mac to switch between macOS and Windows.
  • Side-by-side
    Install VM Fusion for Mac (or Parallels Desktop for Mac) and run Windows image in Virtual machine. Your current OS version will host Windows OS. The Apple Store may provide on-site technical support with installation.              

As with any assessment, it is necessary to obtain adequate data so that the assessment is a valid and reliable measure of a student’s abilities. The domain of spelling is very large and the SPELL-2 assessment requires a representative sample of an individual student’s spelling in order to be valid and reliable. This requires, on average, 30 minutes for elementary grade students and 60 minutes for students in the middle grades and up. However, these are only averages. Because SPELL-2 is an untimed test, the actual testing time will vary across students. We recommend that the SPELL-2 assessment be administered over several sessions, each testing period lasting no more than 5-10 minutes. The investment of time to complete the assessment will provide efficiencies in implementation; once SPELL-2 has identified specific deficits and created an individualized instruction plan, you can zero-in and teach only what each student needs to learn.  

You can access the spellings collected by the SPELL-2 software program prior to a student finishing the test. On your hard drive, navigate to Program Files/Learning By Design/SPELL-2. Double click on the ResponseViewer icon to access the spellings collected by SPELL-2 for each student.

When you complete one of our SPELL-Links Professional Development offerings, you will receive a Verification of Attendance Form with Certification Maintenance Hours (CMH). A $25 CMH administration fee is required to receive this documentation for all professional development offerings except for webinar purchases that include this fee. CMH are accepted by many organizations, including ASHA, for continuing education. You are required by ASHA to maintain your own copy of these documents in order to receive ASHA CEU credit for the CMH that you self-report. Read more about CMH on ASHA’s website.