Why your class or practice needs SPELL-Links…

Unlike traditional phonics and word study programs which begin with the written letter and teach students to match the letter to a sound (print to speech), SPELL-Links helps students first learn how to attend to the sound structure of spoken English words and then how to connect and combine sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words (speech to print). This is exactly how the brain works in good readers and writers!

SPELL-Links students also learn meta-linguistic strategies and develop the executive function skills that empower them to independently apply their word study knowledge, skills, and strategies to independently read, write, and spell.

Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment

Begin with SPELL-Links assessment (SPELL-2) to pinpoint a student’s underlying linguistic deficits. Unlike other programs that place students at a starting point within lessons and progress in a one-size-fits-all fashion from there, the SPELL-links assessment creates a uniquely customized word study intervention program for each student to help you more quickly improve that student’s spelling, reading, and writing.


Assessment Software
SPELL-2 purchase options let you choose SPELL-2 for use on one or multiple computers. With SPELL-2g (Grouping Tool) educators can also automatically group students who share the same instructional needs.

Speech-to-Print, Multi-linguistic, meta-linguistic intervention

Improve all aspects of your literacy program—reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, and vocabulary—for Tiers 1, 2, & 3 students as well as Special Education, Speech-Language Impaired, ESL, Title I, and students with dyslexia using SPELL-Links. Help students make sense of the sound structure of English words by systematically teaching them how to connect sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words. Explicitly show students how to apply their word study knowledge to everyday reading and writing. All of our products are aligned with Common Core Standards for speaking, listening, reading, language, and writing.

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing

Word Study Curriculum
A comprehensive curriculum that helps you integrate the five language blocks of word study: phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, semantics, morphological knowledge, and mental orthographic images. With SPELL-Links instruction, students of all grade levels can simultaneously engage and connect multiple language centers of the brain to establish and strengthen the neural functional connectivity within the brain that is needed for efficient reading and writing.

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers

Step-by-Step Guide & Tips
Be more strategic in your teaching with these 14 strategies for spelling and reading success.

Classroom/Clinic Posters
SPELL-Help students effectively apply SPELL-Links strategies for reading and spelling across all written language activities. Display strategies in your room with these large visual aides.

SPELL-Links Keyword Picture Cards & Gallery

Word Study Materials
Make learning fun with these speech-to-print activity cards. Use these cards displaying the allowable spellings for each English phoneme in your word study interventions and create a sound wall with the printable gallery images.

SPELL-Links Word Study Resource

Engage students to reinforce, practice, and apply word study knowledge, skills, and strategies in your room.

SPELL-Links Word List Maker

Customize instruction quickly with this 50,000 word database that instantly creates word lists and word cards for any written or spoken language activity! ​

SPELL-Links WordUP!

Educational App
Add to your student center to develop awareness of the speech-to-print connection and different ways spoken sounds are represented in printed words. Improve decoding, reading fluency, spelling, and vocabulary.

Class Links for Classrooms

These general education curriculum lessons integrate the five language blocks of word study - phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, semantics, morphological knowledge, and mental orthographic images of words. Class Links Books 1 & 2 will provide your general education team with all the tools to start providing top quality lessons tomorrow.

Instructional Planning & Progress Monitoring

Focus instruction where needed an uniquely track individual student word study progress.

SPELL-Links eStickers

Online Scoring & Instructional Planning Service
SPELL-Links eStickers scoring service helps guide instruction and tracks individual student progress in word study knowledge, skills, and strategies. Use SPELL-Links eStickers data to inform and support your RTI decision-making process, monitor Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS), and track response to intervention and growth toward IEP goals.

Professional Development

Maximize student outcomes by providing essential professional development and product implementation training to support effective teaching and fidelity of use. Our SPELL-Links professional development program offers a variety of learning opportunities across multiple venues to meet every need and budget.

Professional Learning Communities

Ongoing professional development is the cornerstone of effective teaching and improved student outcomes. Provide your staff with free daily access to these highly-acclaimed professional development forums. In these forums educators connect with leading researchers, recognized experts, and colleagues world-wide to discuss research and practical ideas for putting research and best practices into immediate action.

SPELLTalk is an email listserv forum dedicated to improving literacy through discussion of research and evidence-based best practices. Our free SPELLTalk community of reading scientists, researchers, and education professionals receive abstracts of current research and discuss a variety of contemporary topics.

SPELL-Link’d™ is a professional learning community where passionate professionals who use SPELL-Links and all speech-to-print structured literacy enthusiasts come together to share stories, exchange ideas, ask questions, and see SPELL-Links in action. Read postings and participate in discussions that are most interesting and relevant to you. Access premium content that will advance and empower you as you lead the way, make a difference, and experience the reward of using SPELL-Links’ speech-to-print structured literacy instruction.