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Discover a complete literacy solution for dyslexic students.

Lead the way, make a difference, and leverage the brain’s biological wiring to achieve literacy success for all.

It's difficult to find a comprehensive literacy solution to meet diverse needs.

If you’re not getting strong, lasting results everyone feels good about, it may be time to change practices, materials, and ways of doing things.

With SPELL-Links, you can make a difference in student outcomes with time-saving assessment software, engaging literacy instruction and home practice activities, and sensitive and informative tools for progress monitoring.



Get faster results by precisely identifying a student’s needs and targeting your instruction.



Meet diverse student needs with one adaptable program that leverages the brain’s natural wiring for better outcomes.

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Progress Monitoring

Motivate students, document response to intervention, and make well-informed decisions for all K–12 students.

"SPELL-Links assessment will direct teachers toward… aspects of language and encourage the use of more enlightened instructional practices that truly educate students in word study. I am pleased to be among the first to appreciate the excellent work that has gone into this product and I applaud the authors’ achievement.”
– Dr. Louisa Moats

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