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Spelling Performance Evaluation for Language & Literacy (SPELL-2)

Pinpoint where to begin word study instruction, and get a prescription of exactly what to teach.

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word Study Curriculum

Meet individual learning needs for students at all grade levels and all levels of instruction with one adaptable program.


Help develop students’ literacy and language skills in the K-12 classroom and beyond through active engagement with the sounds, letters, and meanings of words.

Word List Maker

Create word lists and word cards for any written or spoken language activity with a quick search of this 50,000 word database. 

Strategies by the Numbers

Help all students accurately spell and correctly read and comprehend unfamiliar words with SPELL-Links’ 14 meta-cognitive, meta-linguistic strategies. 


Guide instruction and track individual student progress in word study knowledge, skills, and strategies. Inform and support your RTI decision-making process, monitor Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS), and track response to intervention and growth toward IEP goals.


Join other speech-to-print enthusiasts to share stories, exchange ideas, ask questions, and see speech-to-print structured literacy in action on this online professional learning community.