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SPELL-Links webinars offer all the conveniences and all the time  and cost savings of virtual learning. Use the foundational knowledge and skills you acquire in our webinars to more effectively implement your existing word study curriculum or to lay the groundwork for successful implementation of SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing.​

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Knowledge enables you to replace myths with facts, to replace what doesn’t work with what does. Develop essential knowledge and skill in the core components of speech-to-print and multi-tiered structured literacy instruction that ALL educators need to effectively teach decoding, spelling, vocabulary, and writing.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Learn and earn professional development (PD) credits at work or at home. All SPELL-Links webinars include slide and/or video presentations accompanied by handouts. Live webinars also include interactive Q&A sessions and attendees can access the recorded webinar for 30 days at no extra cost.

Recorded Webinars

Language Essentials & Best Practices for Word Study

The Language of Reading & Spelling

Sounds, Symbols, and Meanings – Part 1
(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz)

The Language of Reading & Spelling

Sounds, Symbols, and Meanings – Part 2
(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz and Dr. Jayne Jaskolski)

The Language of Reading & Spelling

Sounds, Symbols, and Meanings – Part 3
(with Dr. Kenn Apel and Dr. Jan Wasowicz)

The Language of Reading & Spelling

Sounds, Symbols, and Meanings – Part 4
(with Dr. Kenn Apel and Dr. Jan Wasowicz)

Ideas for Classroom & Home

Speech to Print in the Classroom

Small Changes = BIG Impact
(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz)

Why Spelling Really Does Matter and What Parents Can Do to Help

(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz)


The Impact of Handwriting on Written Language Expression

(with William Van Cleave)

An Executive Functioning Approach to Writing

(with Michael Gladstein)

Clinical Grand Rounds

Ashor, Age 13:10

(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz)

Nick, 4th Grade

(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz)


TILLS and Beyond:

Identifying and Describing Problems with Word Structure Knowledge to Plan Intervention and Write Goals
(with Dr. Nickola Nelson, Dr. Jan Wasowicz, and Adria Leno, MS, CCC-SLP)

Spelling Error Analysis

Using Spelling Error Analysis to Individualize Structured Literacy Instruction and Monitor Student Progress 
(with Dr. Jan Wasowicz)

Linking Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN), Reading, and the Brain

(Dr. Elizabeth Norton)

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