A cohesive, flexible literacy solution for your school

Are your students responding to instruction and intervention? If you’re not achieving the outcomes you need with core instruction and tiered interventions, it’s time for a change.

We’re here to help. With SPELL-Links, you get a seamless school-wide literacy solution that includes general education, special education, ELL, and Title 1 Reading services across all grades and tiers of instruction.

See the research and results.

Colorado READ Act Approved

We are very excited to announce that SPELL-Links was approved by Colorado DOE as Supplemental Instructional Program. SPELL-Links was also approved by the Colorado DOE as an Intervention Program.

Colorado has led the way in advancing evidence-based reading instruction in its schools. We’re very proud to be on the Colorado READ Act’s Advisory List for Instructional Programming!

SPELL-Links was carefully reviewed through a multi-step rigorous vetting process and determined to meet the criteria of evidence-based instructional programming as defined by the Colorado READ Act.

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act) was passed by the Colorado legislature in 2012, giving the state the guiding philosophy, structure and resources to get children reading at grade level by the time they enter the fourth grade.

The READ Act focuses on early literacy development for all students and especially for students at risk to not read at grade level by the end of the third grade. Students are tested for reading skills, and those who are not reading at grade level are given individual READ plans.

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Metro Nashville Public Schools Approved

We are very excited to announce that SPELL-Links was approved by Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) as Dyslexia-Specific Literacy Intervention. This award recognizes SPELL-Links as an evidenced-based, dyslexia-specific intervention that is effective in meeting student, school, and district needs.

We’re very proud that SPELL-Links has been recognized and approved by Metro Nashville Public Schools as Dyslexia-Specific Literacy Intervention.

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Why Schools Need SPELL-Links

Your staff and students need a flexible, effective literacy solution that gets results everyone feels good about. Unfortunately, most traditional reading and writing programs leave potential on the table by failing to leverage the brain’s innate wiring and abilities.

Our brains are biologically wired for oral  language, but traditional programs begin with the written letter and teach students to map letters to sounds (an approach called “print to speech”). This unnatural approach makes learning to read and write more difficult than it needs to be.

Symptoms of a broken literacy solution:

We help you overcome these challenges to get the literacy results you want and your students deserve. SPELL-Links puts spoken language first, using a speech-to-print approach based on neurobiological brain research. Students first learn how to attend to the sound structure of spoken English words and then learn how to connect sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to develop the reading and writing neural circuits required to read and spell. Our evidence-based methodology and materials focus on developing, connecting, and integrating the different systems and regions of the brain involved in effective reading and writing. Strong gains in reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary using this approach have been well documented in 20+ years of clinical and neuroimaging research.    

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Implementing SPELL-Links

Switching to a new literacy program can seem intimidating. We get it. We work alongside school administrators to make the process less daunting and more enjoyable, from concept to rollout and beyond. 

1. Complete the Roadmap

Our simple "Roadmap to Literacy Success" checklist helps you align your school system problems and develop a plan for change.

2. Co-create a Plan

Leverage our experts, resources, materials, and partnerships to build a cohesive cradle-to-college literacy solution.

3. Roll out & See Results

Thoughtfully roll out SPELL-Links products and professional development programming to empower and engage all team members and get immediate results.

4. Achieve Long-term Success

Get the most from your investment in literacy by leveraging our experts, resources, and partnerships to establish and support organizational practices and processes.

We offer support for every step toward literacy success.

We understand how difficult it is to introduce something new while keeping a positive school climate and honoring the work your team has done in the past. There’s a lot of pressure to make the right decisions and ensure teachers and students are performing at their best. 

That’s why we partner with you and offer ongoing support and professional development opportunities throughout the process of change.

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