SPELL-Links for Parents

We are committed to helping all students and especially those students already behind in their reading and writing skills with effective at-home learning opportunities and individualized support so your child’s literacy skills can grow and flourish.

Identify Specific Gaps Hindering Your Child's Progress

Get a Personalized Learning Plan & Support to Close the Gaps

Watch Your Child's Confidence & Literacy Skills Improve

Why SPELL-Links?

Because your child needs targeted, evidence-based instruction to close learning gaps.

SPELL-Links is not a “one-size fits most” program; your child receives only the instruction she needs. No more precious time wasted with re-learning concepts already mastered, memorizing complex rules, or doing activities and busy work not supported by research. 

SPELL-Links’ revolutionary curriculum, grounded firmly in research, leverages the brain’s innate wiring through a speech-to-print model: It helps students attend to the sounds of spoken words and connect letters to the sounds and the meaning of words they speak so they are able to successfully read and write words within rich and meaningful communications.

Because your child deserves help from a highly specialized learning professional.

No avatars, virtual coaches, or uncredentialed professionals here. Our language and literacy experts are state licensed and nationally certified professionals who specialize in diagnostic assessment and individualized treatment of language-based learning problems, including dyslexia and dysgraphia. You can be confident that they will administer and skillfully interpret your child’s data from appropriate testing, work effectively with your child, and evaluate and communicate reading, writing, and spelling progress results directly with you. Our team of humans adheres to tele-practice service delivery guidelines established by state regulatory agencies and professional organizations. If you prefer in-person services, we’ll connect you with the nearest qualified provider in your geographic area.

Louise D.
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My son enjoyed the sessions and remained engaged throughout each session. The instruction made a lot of sense to him and it was fun to get answers correct, especially being able to spell words he didn't previously know how to spell. He even said it was fun, and looked forward to the next session. Priceless!
Jill D.
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This program is wonderful! I love how things were taught systematically and explicitly. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for my son. His instructor was absolutely amazing. He quickly established a nice rapport with the children and his knowledge of reading/spelling is extensive. I would also like to add, his love for teaching children was evident each day.

How does it work?

What can you expect?

Most students experience improvement in confidence and skills almost immediately; individual results depend on many factors. The professional working with your child can provide a statement of prognosis once familiar with your child’s unique profile.   

In a study conducted by the Florida Center for Reading Research and published in Reading & Writing Quarterly, students who received SPELL-Links group instruction 4 days/week for 8 weeks made significant gains. Other studies have documented similar improvements over the course of eight weeks of SPELL-Links instruction.

Parent Resources

At Learning By Design, we view parents as our educational partners. We are committed to sharing information and discussing ideas that will empower you as you support and advocate for your child.

Knowledge empowers parents to advocate for proper services for their child. Join our free SPELLTalk community of reading scientists and researchers, education professionals, and parents worldwide. Professional members receive abstracts of current research and discuss hot topics. Parents are invited to "lurk and learn" in order to better advocate for their children.