Understand why your child struggles, and get the results everyone can feel good about.

Is your child receiving help with reading, spelling, and/or writing, but you’re not seeing the improvement your child needs in order to thrive and feel confident?  It’s time for change, and we’re here to help you all the way. 

Why your child needs SPELL-Links…

SPELL-Links is not a “one-size fits most” program; your child receives only the instruction she needs. No more precious time wasted with re-learning concepts already mastered, memorizing complex rules, or doing busy work not supported by research.

SPELL-Links’ revolutionary curriculum leverages the brain’s innate wiring through a speech-to-print model. It helps students connect letters to the sounds they speak, improve the brain’s pattern recognition system, and learn to think about their thinking.

These research-supported differences in SPELL-Links’ approach can have a significant impact on your child’s rate of learning to read, write, and spell. Whether your child is receiving help at school or through private services outside of school, there’s something more you can do to help.


Begin with SPELL-2, a professional at-home test your child can complete on your personal computer. SPELL-2 identifies your child’s individual strengths and specific instructional needs and provides a comprehensive plan of instruction. Armed with an understanding of exactly why your child is struggling with reading and spelling and what you can do to help, share the results of this professional assessment with your child’s teachers.


Assessment Software
SPELL-2 puts the power of a professional assessment in your hands. Our pay-per-testing version of the SPELL-2 assessment software (SPELL-2 PPT2) is perfect for parents looking to assess one or two children at home.


Support your child’s learning at home using our engaging speech-to-print, multi-linguistic materials. In addition to improving reading and writing, our materials build executive function skills. Empower your child to independently apply their word study knowledge, skills, and strategies to successfully and independently read, write, and spell every day, not just on the weekly test.

SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers

Step-by-Step Guide & Tips
Good readers and spellers use these 14 powerful strategies to correctly read and spell words. Get your child to stop memorizing and begin strategizing to reading and spelling success.

Save $50

The Home Support Bundle includes two administrations of SPELL-2 pay-per-testing assessment and SPELL-Links Strategies by the Numbers.

SPELL-Links WordUP!

Educational App
SPELL-Links WordUP! is a fun and effective educational app for students at all grade levels. SPELL-Links WordUp! helps students identify different ways spoken sounds are represented in printed words to improve decoding, reading fluency, and spelling.

Parent Support

If your child is struggling with reading, writing, or spelling, it’s important to work with a qualified learning specialist. Get your child started on a new path today by enrolling in our SPELL-Links online therapy program.

If you prefer in-person services, we can help you learn more about selecting a qualified learning specialist in your area and connect you with SPELL-Links Certified Providers and Centers.

Parent Resources

At Learning By Design, we view parents as our educational partners. We are committed to sharing information and discussing ideas that will help to empower you as you advocate for your child.

Knowledge empowers parents to advocate for proper services for their child. Join our free SPELLTalk community of reading scientists and researchers, education professionals, and parents worldwide. Professional members receive abstracts of current research and discuss hot topics. Parents are invited to "lurk and learn" in order to better advocate for their children.