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We frequently hear from parents of struggling readers and spellers who feel frustrated and aren’t sure where to turn for reading and spelling help. An in-depth assessment of word study skills is the first step in making sure your child receives the reading and spelling help she needs. 

SPELL-2 collects and analyzes your child’s misspellings to tell you why your child is struggling with reading and spelling and precisely what type of word study instruction your child needs. 

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SPELL-2 Identifies Problems Often Missed By Other Assessments

Spelling is the mortar that connects the sounds and symbols of our language. It’s the very foundation of reading and writing.
A misspelling indicates that your child is missing an important piece of language knowledge. Our patented spelling error analysis is a highly sensitive measure of the word study knowledge and skills that are critical for reading and writing and can reveal word study deficits missed by other assessments!

Product Details
  • Format & Administration: Download or flash drive assessment software is administered by computer with minimal supervision required. 
  • Response: keyboard entry (option for students to write responses on paper) and mouse click. 
  • Completion time: 30-60 minutes
  • Ages/Grades: Grade 2 – Adult. 
  • Minimum System Requirements: For Windows: 2000/XP/7/8 (XP and higher recommended), Pentium II, 233 MHz or higher, 64 MB RAM, (128 MB recommended), 10 MB free hard disk space, 16-bit color monitor, Windows compatible sound card.

*Not compatible with MAC OS; work-around options available; read our website FAQ before purchasing.


SPELL-2 assessment flash drive (2nd Edition) with 2 test administrations: Examiner Manual included (PDF format).
Product Code: SPELL-2 PPT2.
Price: $150; includes $100 upgrade credit toward purchase of SPELL-2 (with unlimited test administrations) within one year.

SPELL-2 assessment flash drive (2nd Edition) with 5 test administrations: Examiner Manual included (PDF format).
Product Code: SPELL-2 PPT5.
Price: $250; includes $200 upgrade credit toward purchase of SPELL-2 (with unlimited test administrations) within one year. 

Additional SPELL-2 test administrations:Separate purchase of SPELL-2 Pay-Per-Testing software (SPELL-2 PPT2 or SPELL-2 PPT5) is required. 
Product Code: SPELL-2 PPTA.
Price: $75 per administration

We deliver the Pay-Per-Testing version of the SPELL-2 software to your home and your child completes the assessment, with minimal supervision, when it is convenient for you. This is the very same assessment used by professionals, priced affordably in a Pay-Per-Testing version for parents so that you can use it too!

SPELL-2 PPT-2 provides two complete assessments so you can test your child twice, once now and once later to document progress, or test two children once. SPELL-2 PPT-5 provides five complete assessments. Additional test administrations may be purchased separately. 

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If your child is struggling with reading, writing, or spelling, it’s important to locate a qualified learning specialist to work with your child. We can help.

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