Certified Provider & Trainer

Adria Leno



Adria Leno, MS, CCC-SLP, is an ASHA-certified speech language pathologist who is licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Jersey, and Kentucky and is a SPELL-Links Certified Provider. She is an energetic and enthusiastic interventionist with clinical experience in a wide variety of settings, but she found her true passion in language-based literacy disorders under the tutelage of Dr. Jan Wasowicz.

Adria started her career as a zealous generalist, but over time her practice narrowed on school-age children struggling with academic language and literacy skills. Her in-depth exploration into the current research and best practices in these areas led to Adria earning five ASHA ACE awards to date.

In 2014, she founded Communicate & Connect Therapy, LLC—the first SPELL-Links Certified Clinic in the country—in Chicago, IL. Today, Adria provides private services specializing in the literacy and language skills children need for academic success and is also a graduate student site supervisor for several local universities. At Learning By Design, she is a SPELL-Links Certified Trainer, mentoring professionals seeking certification, and associate director of professional development, creating and presenting professional development courses.