Certified Provider & Trainer

Adria Leno



After receiving her master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2005, Adria has worked with individuals across the life span and in a wide variety of settings, including therapeutic schools, hospitals, and clinics. She is skilled in the treatment of speech, language, reading, spelling, written expression, auditory processing, fluency, and pragmatic/social delays and deficits.

Adria started her career as a zealous general practitioner in speech-language pathology, but, when she found her true passion in language-based literacy disorders under the tutelage of Dr. Jan Wasowicz, she narrowed her practice to focus on school-age children struggling with academic language and literacy skills.

Her in-depth exploration into the current research and best practices in these areas led to Adria earning five ASHA ACE awards to date. These awards are formal recognition that she has demonstrated excellence and dedication to lifelong learning by completing more than double the number of continuing education units required to maintain her professional certification. Adria is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist (ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence) who is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Jersey, and Kentucky.

In 2014, she founded Communicate & Connect Therapy, LLC—the first SPELL-Links Certified Clinic in the country—in Chicago, IL. Today, Adria provides private services specializing in the literacy and language skills children need for academic success. Adria is a SPELL-Links Certified Provider and a SPELL-Links Certified Trainer, having completed extensive training and mentorship programs with Dr. Jan Wasowicz, including a rigorous practicum to qualify for these certifications. Adria is also a graduate student site supervisor for several Chicago-area universities, ensuring that pre-service practitioners achieve the high level of standards required for professional certification (ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence) and effective practice. She has mentored and trained over a dozen beginning SLP clinicians. In 2016, Adria was honored by Governor’s State University as Site Supervisor of the Year,

Adria is an energetic and enthusiastic practitioner who enjoys working closely with families to build supports at home and find the approaches that best meet the needs of her individual clients.