Comprehensive K–12 Word Study

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Precisely identify a student’s word study deficits, link assessment data to specific activities, and measure student response to intervention.

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Leverage the biological wiring of the brain for oral language, provide structured literacy instruction, and build skills for effective reading and writing.

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Progress Monitoring

Motivate students, document response to intervention, and make well-informed decisions for all K–12 students.

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Make a difference in student literacy outcomes.

Time-saving assessment software, engaging literacy instruction and home practice activities, sensitive and informative tools for progress monitoring… with SPELL-Links, you have it all!

Which SPELL-Links products are right for me?

SPELL-Links gives you the flexibility to create a structured literacy solution that best meets YOUR needs. From Tier 1 classroom instruction to Special Education, you have the assessment, instructional, and progress monitoring tools and resources you need to achieve your goals and get the results you want to see.

One example of a cohesive SPELL-Links solution across all tiers of instruction

Complete our Roadmap to Literacy Success Checklist and we’ll help you create the structured literacy solution that best meets the needs of your district or school.

The SPELL-Links Advantage

Thorough & Effective

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing delivers all components of assessment and instruction identified in the U.S. Department of Education Center on Instruction project as crucial for developing reading and spelling skills in every student.

SPELL-Links meets and exceeds the recommendations of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) for an effective reading and language intervention program.

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Flexible & Individualized

The flexible and individualized design of SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing ensures that there is a word study solution for everyone! 

You can count on SPELL-Links to improve all aspects of literacy—reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, and vocabulary— in Tiers 1, 2, and 3 students as well as Special Education, Speech-Language Impaired, ESL, Title I, and Dyslexic students.

Beyond Word Study

When your students are ready to move beyond the study of individual words, you’ll be ready with SPELL-Links’ activities to support them as they progress to sentences, paragraphs, and short stories. Oral readings with guidance and specific feedback facilitates the successful transfer of word study knowledge, skills, and strategies to authentic reading material and creates independent readers. Structured practice with formulating and writing sentences, responses to questions, paragraphs, and narratives and with independently checking and editing written work creates independent writers.

And when they’re ready to build their essay writing skills, SQWrite is the perfect complement to our SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study product line.

"In the NICHD-funded research on specific learning disabilities (SLDs) involving language that I directed as principal investigator for over 25 years (cross-sectional, longitudinal, genetic, brain imaging, and school- based and clinic- based interventions) our interdisciplinary team published evidence showing that not all reading disabilities are the same and not all writing disabilities are the same. Findings showed that dysgraphia (impaired letter production), dyslexia (impaired word decoding/reading and word encoding/spelling), and oral and written language learning disability (OWL LD; impaired syntactic skills for language by ear, mouth, eye, and/or hand) differed… yet all three SLDs benefit from spelling instruction as in SPELL-Links."
Virginia W. Berninger, PhD, Professor Emerita
University of Washington
“The curriculum is…amazing. I love that it has pattern-loaded writing and reading materials to go along with the lesson plans. I'm really blown away by the detail of these lessons. I'm trained in Orton Gillingham and I've dabbled in Words Their Way. Your SPELL-Links program is better than the two of these combined with a shot of steroids. It's fabulous.”
Jen Preschern MS, CCC-SLP
Chicago, IL

Word Study Products

Time-saving assessment software, engaging literacy instruction and home practice activities, sensitive and informative tools for progress monitoring… with SPELL-Links, you have it all!