Want faster results? Focus your instruction.

Our uniquely informative assessments and progress monitoring tools allow you to precisely identify a student’s word study deficits, link assessment data to specific activities, and measure and document student response to intervention.

Get the data you need so you can get results you want.

Provide Data-Driven Instruction

Only the SPELL-3 diagnostic prescriptive assessment enables you to precisely identify a student’s word study deficits and link the assessment data to specific lessons and activities that improve spelling, reading, and writing.

Do More with Your Benchmark Data

SPELL-Links eStickers’ proprietary scoring method uniquely analyzes the benchmark data your school already collects (e.g., Words Their Way spelling inventory) to put more useful data in your hands throughout the school year.

Focus Instruction & Document Response to Intervention

SPELL-Links eStickers’ formative assessment helps teachers know where to focus classroom and supplemental word study instruction, measures and documents response to intervention, and supports your decision-making process.

Assessment & Progress Monitoring Products

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