Platform Web-based appDesktop/laptop software
OS CompatibilitymacOS and Windows OSWindows OS (not Mac compatible)
Device compatibilityMost tablets—including iPads, Chromebooks, and popular Android tablets—desktops, laptopsDesktops and laptops only
Remote accessAccess the web-based program from anywhere; begin testing on one device, finish on anotherAccess the software program on your desktop or laptop; testing of a student must be started and completed on the same desktop or laptop
Remote (virtual) testingEasily adapted for remote service deliveryNot intended for virtual service delivery
User interfaceAgelessSome users may dislike graphics and animations
Pricing Pay per administration—pay only for the number of assessments you need to administer. Cost per administration decreases with increase in number of administrations purchased in a single transaction, and purchased administrations may be allocated among multiple users within an organization.Pay one-time fee for each user license
Ability to simultaneously test multiple studentsIncluded and unlimitedNot included. Additional user licenses must be purchased to simultaneously test multiple students
Grouping ToolIncludedAvailable at additional cost
Automatic upgradesIncludes automatic upgrades to newer versions for immediate access to new test features and scoring algorithms that reflect the most current researchNot available
Automatic updatesIncludes automatic bug fixes and patches to the existing softwareNot available
Storage/backup of student dataSecurely stored and automatically backed up for you on our serverStored on your local computer; requires manual backup
Research basisUpdated assessment aligns with most current researchOlder assessment not aligned with most current research
Treatment plan reportAutomatically created for youRequires time-consuming manual transfer of data from SPELL-2 to Appendix E in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum
Easy examination of all responses made by a student, not just the errors that trigger goalsBuilt-inRuns Separately


Is SPELL-2 still available for purchase?


Can I keep using the SPELL-2 software I already purchased?

Yes. You may continue using your SPELL-2 CD or SPELL-2 downloaded software. However, we no longer provide tech support for the SPELL-2 CD and SPELL-2 downloaded software.

Can I still purchase additional user licenses for the SPELL-2 downloaded software?


Can I still upgrade my SPELL-2 CD software to SPELL-2 download software?


Once I purchase SPELL-3 test administrations, do I need to use them within a limited amount of time?

No. SPELL-3 test administrations never expire.