SPELL-2 gives you a complete set of written reports, providing detailed and summarized test results and specific recommendations for word study instruction.



The SPELL-2 Results report provides performance data across 60 word study categories and explicitly identifies areas the student has yet to master. Readminister SPELL-2 each year to document annual progress or as needed to identify new goals and target activities.

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Letter to Parent

The SPELL-2 Letter to Parents provides a useful summary of test results and a brief description of individual student needs. Easily share information and progress with parents.

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The SPELL-2 Recommendations report goes even further; it provides detailed performance data, identifies the underlying language processes that are deficient, and links the assessment data to specific lessons and activities. With the Recommendations report in hand, you have an individualized word study intervention plan – a road map of the quickest route to reading and spelling success. Devote your instructional time only where needed and achieve faster results.

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Letter to Teacher

The SPELL-2 Letter to Teachers provides a valuable snapshot of individual student needs. Quickly share a student’s word study profile with colleagues to coordinate student learning services. 

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Students Grouped by Spelling Pattern

SPELL-2g instantly organizes students into instructional groups based on which spelling patterns they need to learn. Grouping reports available only with SPELL-2g.

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Students Grouped by Word Study Skill

SPELL-2g instantly organizes students into instructional groups based on which word study skills they need to learn. Grouping reports available only with SPELL-2g.

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Reports are instantly available when using SPELL-2 or SPELL-2g with unlimited test administrations.