Focus Instruction.
Document Results.

SPELL-Links eStickers measures and tracks individual student progress in word study skills and helps guide instruction. Use eStickers data to focus instruction where needed, inform and support your RTI and MTSS decision-making processes, and track response to intervention.

About eStickers

What does SPELL-Links eStickers do?

▪ Measures 14 critical phonology, orthog­raphy, and semantic/morphology skills in minutes

▪ Analyzes, scores, and creates reports to document student performance

▪ Helps determine appropriate groups (if needed) and starting points

▪ Informs where to focus and re-focus instruction over time

▪ Documents progress over time

▪ Provides the student with meaningful, motivating feedback

▪ Informs your RTI and MTSS decision-making process

▪ Closes gaps more quickly

How does SPELL-Links eStickers work?

Students spell a list of words to dictation, and SPELL-Links eStickers analyzes and scores their responses to create a report with practical data that guides instructional planning and helps instructors and students monitor progress in word study knowledge, skills, and strategies over time.

1. Select and purchase one of our eStickers packages.

2. Log in to your paid eStickers account.

3. Select a word list from one of our popular pre-loaded word lists — including SPELL-Links Pattern Inventory and Analysis Tool (PIAT) inventories and the TWS-5 standardized test Forms A & B.

4. Dictate the words and allow students to enter their responses in real time directly on the SPELL-Links eStickers website — OR — administer a dictated test via paper and pencil and later enter student spellings on the SPELL-Links eStickers website.

5. Use the eStickers report to group students; to focus instruction where most needed; to measure and document progress over time; to provide the students with meaningful, motivating feedback; and to modify your instructional focus as needed.

View Scoring Method

Unlike inventories and other traditional measures that merely quantify the number of words or patterns spelled correctly or incorrectly, SPELL-Links eStickers uniquely analyzes and scores each misspelled segment in a word.

View Sample Report

The unique scoring method of SPELL-Links eStickers is proven to be a sensitive and valid measure of a student’s progress in word study knowledge and skill. With eStickers, you’ll be able to identify areas of instructional need and document every step of progress along a student’s path to mastery of word-level reading and spelling skills. You’re a busy professional. Let SPELL-Links eStickers do all the time-consuming analysis, scoring, reporting, and lesson planning work for you!

What do the SPELL-Links eStickers numbers represent?

Each spelling error in a misspelled word is analyzed and assigned a number from 1 to 13, corresponding to SPELL-Links’ 14 Strategies for Reading & Spelling Success; strategy 14 Look It Up is not used for SPELL-Links eStickers error analysis. Each of the 14 SPELL-Links Strategies focuses on a specific type of phonological, orthographic, and semantic/morphological skill and meta-linguistic method for reading and spelling words.

Is SPELL-Links eStickers right for me?

This chart will help you decide.

Product Details

Format & Administration: web-based service; dictation spelling test is administered to individual students or groups by an adult.

Response: keyboard entry and mouse click (option for students to write responses on paper for entry by teacher)

Completion time: 15–20 minutes

Minimum System Requirements: Internet browser, Chrome or Safari recommended

Target Audience

Grades K-12+


Assessment Packages are available based on number of test administrations.