Building the Brain for Reading, Writing, and Spelling

Our connectionist word study approach creates efficient processes and pathways. Use SPELL-Links to leverage the biological wiring of the brain for oral language, provide structured literacy instruction that develops functional connectivity among multiple regions of the brain, and build meta-cognitive skills for effective reading and writing. See results!

Instruction Products

Which product is right for me?

These are the products typically used within each tier of instruction, but all SPELL-Links products are flexible and can be adapted for use across all tiers.

Leverage Oral Language

Why SPELL-Links? The human brain is biologically wired for spoken language, not for reading and writing. SPELL-Links uses a speech-to-print approach and organizes literacy instruction based on the brain’s innate, biological wiring and organization for spoken language. SPELL-Links instruction works the way the brain works, first helping students to learn how to attend to the sound structure of spoken English words and then how to connect and combine sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words.

Build the Brain

As each of us learns to read and write, the brain must rearrange itself, leveraging the innate oral language centers of the brain and forming new neural connections to read and write effectively. SPELL-Links uses the Connectionist Word Study model based on the most current research, including brain-imaging studies. The SPELL-Links program leverages the brain’s biological wiring for oral language and helps students develop neural pathways and “functional connectivity” of the regions of the brain involved in effective reading and writing.

"Across all written languages, reading development involves: a rearrangement of older structures to make new learning circuits; a capacity for specialization in working groups of neurons within these structures for representing information; and automaticity — the capacity of these neuronal groups and learning circuits to retrieve and connect this information at nearly automatic rates."
Dr. Maryanne Wolf
Proust and the Squid

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