Strategies for Reading & Spelling Success

Help all students accurately spell and correctly read and comprehend unfamiliar words with SPELL-Links’ 14 meta-cognitive, meta-linguistic strategies. These 14 strategies empower students with the strategic thinking skills that ensure successful application of word study knowledge and skills to authentic reading and writing.

About Strategies by the Numbers

Skills & Content

Development and application of meta-cognitive and meta-linguistic strategies to improve spelling, decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary study. Step by step instructions on how to apply each strategy to writing and reading are included.

Target Audience

Grades K–12+
Strategies by the Numbers is appropriate for all students at all grade levels. When used as a supplement for any core curriculum, Strategies by the Numbers can help identify students who need additional, more intensive services.

Product Details

Format: Spiral-bound printed materials with Quick-reference Strategy Chart; access to cloud library of reproducible student materials.

14 Student-Empowering Strategies

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Get your students to stop memorizing and start strategizing their way to reading and writing success. Explicitly teach the 14 meta-cognitive strategies for reading and spelling that are critical for reading and writing success.

Step-by-Step Instructions

This resource provides step-by-step instructions on how to build the inner language that forms the basis of student executive functioning skills.  Help your students become independent strategic thinkers and successful readers and writers by directly instructing the simply stated strategies and using the specific troubleshooting tips in Strategies by the Numbers. 

Quick-reference Strategy Chart

Strategies by the Numbers is used by classroom teachers, aides, and parents to supplement any core curriculum, including the Wordtivities word study curriculum. Strategies by the Number is also used by interventionists in conjunction with the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study curriculum.

"I love the fact that Strategies by the Numbers is based on the connectionist research model, which views spelling and reading as a 'dynamic interplay of phonological, orthographic, and semantic knowledge.' Consequently, the strategies in this book focus on simultaneously developing and strengthening phonological, orthographic, semantic and morphological knowledge during reading and writing tasks."
Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP
Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care
Smart Speech Therapy, LLC

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