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Quickly search a 50,000 word database and instantly create word lists and word cards for any written or spoken language activity. Search by phoneme, letter pattern, morpheme, spelling rule, word frequency, grade level and more!

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Open search or search by • Consonants • Consonant digraphs & trigraphs • Short vowel sounds • Long vowel sounds • Other vowel sounds & diphthongs • Within-word consonant doubling • ‘s’ Clusters • ‘r, l’ Clusters • ‘m, n, ng’ Clusters • Silent consonants • Syllabic-r, syllabic-l vowel sounds • Unstressed vowel sounds • Inflected words • Derived words • Prefixes • Suffixes • Word Roots • Contractions • Irregular plural nouns • Irregular past-tense verbs • Homophones • Rimes

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All K–12 teachers and specialists

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Format: software download

System Requirements*: SPELL-Links Word List Maker software downloads and installs on WIN desktops and laptops. Internet connection required for downloading, installing, and using the program.

*Not compatible with Mac OS. Mac users, contact us for alternative options.


Varies by number of computer installations and length of subscription selected. Visit our online store for details.

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Need words NOW? No problem! Create word lists and word cards for any activity in seconds.  Use your word lists and word cards for any listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, or vocabulary activity! SPELL-LInks Word List Maker works perfectly to supplement the Starter Word Lists in the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing word study curriculum with words matched precisely to student instructional level.

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Short Vowel Sound

Unlike other word search programs, only SPELL-Links Word List Maker software lets you automatically exclude words containing spelling patterns of greater linguistic complexity than the selected spelling pattern; exclude words containing specific sounds and letters; search by spelling rule; sort results by grade level and word frequency; and instantly print word cards for word sorts, memory match, go fish, and other fun and engaging games.

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Word Root
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Three easy steps:

Step 1: Select a spelling pattern for your word search, for example, select the Short Vowel ‘a’ Sound. Exclude one or more spelling patterns from your search (optional). 

Step 2: Refine your word search by specifying grade level, number of syllables, and position in word (all optional). 

Step 3: Sort and save the results of your word search in a variety of ways. Sort the words according to word frequency, grade level, number of syllables, alphabetic order, or position in word. Print word cards for educational games and hands-on teaching activities with your students. Print your word lists or save your searches as text files on your computer. Once saved, you can import your word search results into popular office application programs, giving you unlimited possibilities for instruction!