Meet diverse student needs with one adaptable program.

From beginning consonants to Latin and Greek word roots, from Tier 1 to SPED, SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing can be tailored to meet individual learning needs for students at all grade levels and all levels of instruction.

About SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing

Skills & Content

Rhyming • Segmenting syllables & phonemes • Vowel discrimination • Alphabetic principle • Letter-sound relationships • Letter patterns & spelling rules • Vocabulary knowledge • Syllable stress identification • Letter-meaning relationships (morphological knowledge) • Semantic relationships • Storage and retrieval of mental orthographic images of words in long term memory • Spelling • Decoding • Reading fluency • Writing

Target Audience

Grades K–12+
Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Special Education, Title I, English Language Learners, students who are Speech-Language Impaired or from low-print, low-verbal homes, and students with dyslexia. Designed for one-on-one and small group instruction. Includes classroom adaptations for large group instruction and peer collaboration.

Research & Results

Outcomes Study 
SPELL-Links is more effective than traditional spelling instruction.

Outcomes Study 
SPELL-Links improves encoding and decoding. 

Outcomes Study 
SPELL-Links improves spelling and curriculum-based writing.

Product Details

Format: Spiral-bound printed materials (3-volume set), 10 peel & stick strategy labels, and access to cloud library of reproducible materials. 

The Connectionist Model of Word Study featured in SPELL-Links is critical for developing neural pathways and building functional connectivity of linguistic processes and regions of the brain that comprise the reading and writing circuits. SPELL-Links’ multi-linguistic methods and activities ensure that students develop this functional connectivity for effective reading and writing.

Across all grade levels, SPELL-Links uses a five-block model of instruction to functionally integrate phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, semantics, morphological knowledge, and mental orthographic images. With SPELL-Links’ speech-to-print approach, students learn to attend to the sound structure of English words and discover how to integrate sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words.

SPELL-Links’ meta-linguistic approach allows students to talk about and think about the linguistic properties of words, gain cognitive flexibility with multiple linguistic strategies for spelling and decoding, and practice and self-evaluate performance in realistic, active, and social settings. Explicit instruction and practice with SPELL-Links’ meta-linguistic word study strategies leads to the development of independent readers and writers.

The systematic yet flexible format of SPELL-Links’ structured literacy program allows you to teach only what a student needs to learn. This literacy curriculum provides tools and materials—including carefully constructed word lists, pattern-loaded reading and writing materials, and Home-Link activities—for systematic practice with application of word study knowledge, skills, and strategies.

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SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word Study Curriculum (2nd Edition)
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