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With this compact resource for expanding word study, you’re always prepared for any word study activity. And you’ll love how easy it is to engage students and quickly transform misspelled words and unfamiliar vocabulary into teachable moments using the dry-erasable activity templates and other resources!

About SPELL-Links Word Study Resource

Skills & Content

  • Develop phonemic awareness skills
  • Sound out words and identify consonant and vowel sounds
  • Map letters to speech sounds (phonemes) and spoken syllables
  • Identify stressed and unstressed syllables
  • Look up phoneme-grapheme correspondences for each phoneme and for rhyming word endings
  • Look up spelling rules for base words and practice application of rules for adding suffixes to base words using a powerful step-by-step template
  • Find different spellings of homophone words
  • Connect letters of prefixes, suffixes, roots with meanings (morphemes) and identify parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb)
  • Develop spelling and vocabulary knowledge for words and morphologically related word relatives
  • Strengthen mental images of words (orthographic representations in long-term memory)
  • Develop and apply meta-linguistic strategies to spelling, writing, and vocabulary study

Target Audience

Grades K-12+ and their teachers, too!

Product Details

Vinyl-bound printed materials, including dry-erasable templates, and 2 dry-erasable markers with built-in erasers.


SPELL-Links Word Study Resource
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Want a comprehensive list of spelling rules? Looking for phoneme-grapheme correspondences? Morphemes and their meanings? Look no more! All this and much, much more is conveniently compiled for you in this word study treasure trove—a favorite with K–12 teachers and their students, too!

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It’s easy to provide plenty of incentive, opportunity, and support for students to reinforce, practice, and apply their word study skills and strategies. Your students will be eager to use the colorful, dry-erasable Word Study Resource and its markers with built-in erasers time and time again!

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Use this compact resource to teach word study skills and strategies and to encourage your students to practice their word study independently. With everything students need to know—phonology, orthography, morphology—compiled in one easy to use package, you have everything you need for instruction and students have everything they need for independent study and practice.

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SPELL-Links Word Study Resource • Product Code: LNX_WSR
Price: $159