Grade-specific Word Lists for K-6 Spelling, Vocabulary, and Reading Instruction

Deliver systematic and differentiated whole class, small group, and 1:1 word study instruction with this comprehensive collection of grade-level word lists and built-in practice with pattern-loaded writing and reading materials. Each pattern word list is organized for combined teaching of phonology, orthography, morphology, and word meaning and further organized to support differentiated instruction. SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists systematically and sequentially guides teachers through the spelling patterns and word study skills all students need to learn.

About SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists

Skills & Content

SPELL-Links is a multi-linguistic approach. Pattern-focused grade-level word lists support multi-linguistic instruction for simultaneous development of phonological (sound), orthographic (letter), and semantic/morphological (meaning) skills. 

Embedded pattern-loaded sentence writing and reading practice support students’ application of word study skills beyond the word level and enhance syntax, word use, reading comprehension, and expression of ideas.

Each list is comprised of high frequency words. Earlier grades feature vocabulary Tier 1 and Tier 2 words; later grades feature vocabulary Tier 2 and Tier 3 words.

When used together with SPELL-Links Wordtivities, SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists provides a complete spelling/word study curriculum that will motivate and engage your students while helping them to succeed in spelling, reading, and writing.

Target Audience

SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists together with SPELL-Links Wordtivities is appropriate to use with students who have a developmental age of at least five years and who have mastered or are in the process of acquiring the following skills:

• letter-name knowledge;

• letter writing (formation of alphabet letters);

• early phonological awareness (concept of spoken word, ability to segment spoken words into syllables, awareness of word rhyme, and ability to isolate sounds in words);

• basic concept knowledge (left/right, above/below, over/under, top/bottom, first/last, now/then, etc.).

Typically, kindergarten teachers can plan to begin implementing the grade-level Wordtivities instruction during the second half of the school year. SPELL-Links Wordtivities and SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists cover a comprehensive range of spelling, vocabulary, and reading skills appropriate for K-6 students and can be used with older students and adults.


Product Details

Format: Spiral-bound printed materials and access to cloud materials.

Organization of Word Lists

SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists equips you with a compre­hensive set of pattern-focused word lists to facilitate student learning during whole class, small group, and 1:1 word study instruction.

Each of the carefully constructed grade-level word lists supports the simultaneous development of pattern-specific phonological (sound), orthographic (letter), and semantic/morphological (meaning) skills. SPELL-Links Wordtivities’ multi-linguistic instruction simultaneously engages processes and systems of spelling, reading, speaking, and listening in a dynamic inter­play, building a robust neural network for literacy and language.

SPELL-Links Wordtivites Word Lists is designed to be used together with SPELL-Links Wordtivities, but can be used with any multi-linguistic word study curriculum.

"To me, the appeal of SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists is rather multifaceted. It continues to be very difficult to find an evidence-based group instruction curriculum, and SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists fit the bill. Because SPELL-Links Wordtivities Word Lists focus on skills integration of spelling, reading, speaking, and listening, it allows the students to engage in contextually based opportunities to become better listeners, speakers, readers, spellers and writers."
Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP
Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care
Smart Speech Therapy, LLC

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