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Word study instruction for stronger spelling, vocabulary, and reading outcomes

Wordtivities helps you develop students’ literacy and language skills in the classroom and beyond. Through active engagement with the sounds, letters, and meanings of words, your K–12 students strengthen, integrate, and learn to apply multiple components of oral and written language to improve their spelling, word decoding, reading fluency, and reading comprehension; build depth and breadth of vocabulary; and enhance writing performance.

About Wordtivities

Skills & Content

  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Decoding
  • Automatic word recognition
  • Oral expression / Syntax

Wordtivities advance student performance with written language by organizing instruction into recognizing and producing spoken sounds (phonology) and developing and strengthening cognitive connections for effective, functional integration of phonological, orthographic, and semantic/ morphological processes while reading and writing. 

Target Audience

Grades K-12+
Designed to be used as a stand-alone word study program within your existing language arts curriculum or in conjunction with SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing Word Study Curriculum.

Product Details

Wordtivities includes both print and reproducible digital components.


  • Spiral-bound activity book
  • Set of small keyword picture card manipulatives, set of large keyword picture card manipulatives with allowable spellings


  • Set of 4 x 5.5 keyword images for whole classroom instruction
  • Interactive sound wall with keyword pictures in PowerPoint® and Keynote® formats
  • Reproducible desktop sound charts for individual student use
  • Set of keyword picture cards for individual student use
  • Set of student assignments sheets in PDF format

Key Features

Sound Wall

Sound Wall

Organize spelling and vocabulary words by sounds, not by letters, to maximize student learning and more effectively support students during structured and authentic writing tasks. Unlike traditional classroom word walls, which organize regularly and irregularly spelled high frequency grade level words alphabetically, a sound wall arranges words by speech sounds. This is more helpful because when using a sound wall, the student can use what he already knows—the sounds of the spoken word—to locate what he does not know: the spelling of a sound in a word. Sounds walls are also helpful because the organization by sounds matches the biological wiring of our brains which are naturally organized for sounds of spoken words, not letters of written words.

Desktop Sound Chart

Desktop Sound Chart

Engage and support students with visuals that examine the phonological structure of words during instructional activities and during their independent word study work.

Keyword Picture Cards

Keyword Picture Cards

SPELL-Links Wordtivities include both print and digital components: 1 set of small laminated keyword picture card manipulatives; 1 set of large laminated keyword picture card manipulatives with allowable spellings; 1 set of 4 x 5.5 printable images for creating a sound wall; and a reproducible set of keyword picture cards for individual student use during activities at school or at home. Each keyword picture card set includes one keyword picture for each of the 40 sounds (phonemes) of English.

Interactive Sound Wall

Interactive Sound Wall

Also included is a ready-to-use interactive sound wall with keyword pictures in PowerPoint® and Keynote® formats that can be displayed on screen and projected on walls using compatible devices. The interactive sound wall includes multiple moveable copies of the keyword picture for each of the 40 phonemes of English and a work area for forming words, manipulating phonemes, and mapping letters with phonemes using the keyword pictures.

Keyword Picture Card Activity

Keyword Picture Card Activities

Follow the step-by-step directions to administer keyword picture card activities — one activity for each of the SPELL-Links 14 Strategies for Reading and Spelling Success. The activities, easily completed in as little as 5-10 minutes are ideal for 1:1 intervention, and can easily be modified for small groups.

Student Assignment Sheet

Student Assignment Sheets

Strengthen student skills with additional practice. Email or print step-by-step directions to send home for practice and be sure to send along a set of keyword picture cards too!

Student Assignment Sheet

Classroom Instruction

Students will evaluate the phonological and orthographic features of word roots and base words in multi-morphemic words, map spoken sounds to their corresponding letters, and define or use multi-morphemic words in complex spoken sentences.

Sounds Symbols and Allowable Spellings

Sound Symbols and Allowable Spellings

Keyword Picture Cards are coded to represent different categories of phonemes. The color of the border designates manner of consonant sound production (stops = red; nasals = light purple; fricatives = yellow; affricates = blue; liquids & glides = dark purple) and common categories of vowel sounds (long = red; short = yellow; diphthong and other = plum; syllabic = light purple).

"It’s very difficult to find evidence-based group instruction curriculum, and Wordtivities certainly fits the bill. It doesn’t simply focus on isolated areas pertaining to reading or spelling, but rather teaches the students to integrate all areas of language including phonology, morphology, semantics, and syntax in order to become better readers, spellers and writers."
Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP
Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care
Smart Speech Therapy, LLC

Bring more structured literacy to your classroom or clinic!

Educators and literacy and language professionals just like you are using Wordtivites to improve literacy outcomes for their students. Wordtivities is a great starting point for anyone new to structured literacy, and a perfect complement to any existing curriculum. Try it for yourself and start making a bigger impact for better reading and writing outcomes!

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Put your Wordtivities instruction on steroids!

Use eStickers to focus Wordtivities instruction where it’s most needed by your students.

"One thing eStickers magnified amazingly for us is that we could see so clearly, for example, if a child needs work on Strategy 6, that tells us they need more time to learn the allowable spellings for a certain sound. BUT if a child needs work on Strategy 13, that tells us that this child may be a more sophisticated speller; they know all of the allowable spellings. Now they need practice figuring out which one to use for a specific word."
Danielle Morris, Literacy Coach
The School at Columbia University